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Contributing to NivTurk

Contributions to NivTurk are welcome! All of the code is managed through the GitHub repository. This page has details on the preferred contribution workflow and is adapted from from jsPsych’s contributing guidelines.

Steps for modifying the code

Discuss the proposed change

If you have a specific modification in mind – for instance, a new feature or bug fix – please open a new issue via GitHub. Describe the proposed change and what functionality it adds to the software and/or what problem it solves. If you are interested in adding a new feature to the software, it helps if you post an example use case and describe how the modification may change NivTurk’s core workflow.

Fork the library and modify the code

To make changes to the code, you should fork the NivTurk library via GitHub and make modifications on your fork. You may find it useful to make modifications on branches, so that you can keep your proposed changes separate from any other unrelated changes you might want to make on your fork.

Submit a pull request

Once your modification is complete, submit a pull request to merge your changes into the main branches (i.e. prolific, mturk) of the repository. If your contribution applies to both the MTurk and Prolific branches, you may need to submit a pull request for each branch. Pull requests will be reviewed by the project team.