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Tasks / Plugins


Reinforcement Learning Tasks

Simple 2-arm bandit

[Code] [Demo]

A simple 2-arm bandit task using Javascript and Canvas graphics.

3-arm reversal learning task

[Code] [Demo]

A gamified, fishing-themed 3-arm reversal learning task implemented using Javascript and CSS.

Risk sensitive learning task (v1)

[Code] [Demo]

An apple harvest-themed implementation of the risk sensitive learning task (Niv et al. 2012) using Javascript and Canvas graphics.

Risk sensitive learning task (v2)

[Code] [Demo]

A child-friendly, fishing-themed implementation of the risk sensitive learning task (Niv et al. 2012) using Javascript and CSS.

Modified risk sensitivity task

[Code] [Demo]

A modified version of the risk sensitive learning task (Niv et al. 2012).

Risky investment task

[Code] [Demo]

A stock market-themed risky investment task implemented using Javascript and CSS. Similar in framing to Zhang et al. (2015). Designed to study risk sensitive reinforcement learning behaviors.

Pavlovian go/no-go task

[Code] [Demo]

A robot-themed version of the Pavlovian go/no-go task implemented using Javascript and CSS.

Relative value learning task

[Code] [Demo]

A science fiction-themed implementation of the relative value learning task (Palminteri et al. 2015). Runs two blocks of only counterfactual learning but can be easily adapted to include factual learning.

Horizons task

[Code] [Demo]

An implementation of the horizons task (Wilson et al. 2014) using Javascript and CSS.

Two-step task

[Code] [Demo]

A space-themed version of the two-step task. Inspired by Decker et al. (2016); adapted from Nussenbaum et al. (2020).

Decision-making Tasks

Prospect theory gambles

[Code] [Demo]

A jsPsych implementation of prospect theory gambles using icon arrays (Banchilon et al. 2019).

Executive Functioning Tasks

Raven’s progressive matrices

[Code] [Demo]

The abbreviated 9-item Raven’s standard progressive matrices. Both Forms A and B of Bilker et al. (2012) are available.

Matrix reasoning task (MaRs-IB)

[Code] [Demo]

A web-friendly implementation of the matrix reasoning item bank (Chierchia et al. 2019). All materials were retrieved from the project’s OSF repository and the task design was modeled after the Gorilla version.

Spatial recall

[Code] [Demo]

A simple plugin for a forwards/backwards spatial recall task. Includes three scoring rules (absolute, partial credit, longest sequence).

Digit symbol matching

[Code] [Demo]

A jsPsych implementation of the digit symbol matching test.

Vocabulary test

[Code] [Demo]

A jsPsych implementation of the 20-item test my brain vocabulary test.

Self-Report Plugins

Self-report (Likert) scale

[Code] [Demo]

The survey-template plugin is an extension of the jsPsych survey-likert plugin. It displays a set of questions with Likert scale responses. For a full description of the plugin, please see the docs page.

For a list of questionnaires already formatted for use with the survey-template plugin, please see docs page.

Demographics form

[Code] [Demo]

A demographics form that includes the demographic items required by the NIMH (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, race) plus education.

Feedback form

[Code] [Demo]

A feedback form that asks for a participant’s appraisal of an experiment (e.g. difficulty, enjoyability), their task strategy, and general feedback.

Mental health resources

[Code] [Demo]

Displays a page with free-to-access mental health resources for participants. Must be included in any online Niv/Daw lab experiment involving self-report symptom measures.


[Niv Lab] [Daw Lab]

The consent forms for online experiments in the Niv & Daw labs.

Audio test

[Code] [Demo]

Plugin for playing an audio file, getting a text response, and verifying that it is correct made by playing with jspsych template plugins.

Screen check

[Code] [Demo]

Plugin to verify that a participant’s browser window meets a minimal screen resolution.